Brewster Creek was trackset today

by Bob Truman on January 19, 2018

in Banff

Brewster Creek after tracksetting

When I started up Brewster Creek I had a snowmobile packed trail with the usual ridges and ruts. It didn’t bother me, however, because I was wearing my “Sherman Tanks,” wider, metal-edged skis which would take me through anything safely, albeit slowly. 

Teresa and Mark on Healy Creek

Skinny skis are not suitable for Brewster Creek if you want to enjoy the return trip and come out alive. The skis I was using are wider, but not real wide. The dimensions are 59-49-55 compared to my skinny skis which are 41-44-44. The bindings are the same as on my other skis, so I could use my usual boots.

I had a snowmobile packed trail for the trip up

Starting out on Healy Creek at 12:30 pm, the air temperature was zero and I guessed that VR50(0/-4) would give grip. These skis are also quite soft, so it’s easy to get grip when climbing that first hill on Brewster Creek. 

I did a lot of trail maintenance while ascending the hill

For the first time in my life, I was able to ski the beginning of Healy Creek where it parallels the Sunshine road. The snowplows hadn’t yet deposited any crud on the trail, and there was about 2 cm of fresh, clean snow from yesterdays snowfall. Unfortunately, the snowplow came by later, so tomorrow it will be best to remove your skis and walk this section. 

Healy Creek is in reasonably good shape with a bit of tree debris and one or two rocks. I had the pleasure of meeting blog readers Mark and Teresa on Healy Creek. They had skied from the Cave and Basin in Banff. 

Brewster Creek at 8.7K(previous to tracksetting)

After 2.6K on Healy Creek, I arrived at the Brewster Creek junction. Let the climbing begin! The first 2.6K on Brewster Creek has a net elevation gain of 170 metres. This section had a lot of rocks and thin spots. I spent about an hour simply removing rocks and pushing snow from the side of the trail with my skis over thin spots and immovable rocks.

The groomed trail ends at Sundance Lodge at 11.3K

Mitch, who was hauling supplies to Sundance lodge, came up behind me on the snowmobile and informed me that he would be tracksetting the trail as soon as he got up to the lodge and hooked onto the tracksetter. I later saw him as he was coming back down, grooming the one side of the trail. 

On my return, I had good tracks for part of the way…

After the viewpoint at 8.7K, I encountered four areas which had a concentration of rocks for the final 2.6K to the lodge. There’s one bad spot in particular under a tree canopy where the trail is narrow and it’s hard to avoid them, so I removed my skis and walked for about 20 metres. 

…and shallow, crumbly tracks for part of the way

The trail could really use another 15 cm of snow. In the gallery below, I’m adding a couple photos from the summer when I biked the trail to show you why there are so many rocks. 

While I was having a snack break on the veranda of the lodge, Mitch returned, having trackset the entire trail, including the Healy Creek portion. 

Air temperature at the lodge was -3°C (+26F for those who are living in the past), and the snow temp was -2. 

With the new tracksetting and my wider, easy-to-control skis, I had a lovely ski back down, even when I had to snowplow in the snowmobile ridges. There are still a few of the immovable rocks poking up through the snow, so you have to use caution when descending. 

It snowed a bit while I was skiing, and it looked like it was trying to snow by the time I got back to the trailhead. I heard three loud avalanches while on the trail. 


Tree down on Elk Pass

January 19, 2018

MaSid took this photo of the deadfall on Elk Pass today and remarked, “Too big for my saw! Cleaved itself into the west third of the trail pretty good. No way around it to the right for machinery given the drainage and trees. I removed a number of branches to allow skier passage. But that’s […]

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Cypress Hills ski trails are ready

January 19, 2018

For my readers in Medicine Hat and the southeast corner of Alberta, the Cypress Hills ski trails are groomed and in good shape right now. Chris Dodds from Alberta Parks sent an email and stated … “Trails are in great shape right now and should last throughout this brief warm spell and be good for […]

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Heads up on Elk Pass/Hydroline and Mt Shark

January 18, 2018

If Chuck’s report and photos of Mt Shark have enticed you, along with tonight’s tracksetting, to head over there on Friday, be aware that Spray Lakes/Smith Dorrien road south of Canmore will be closed for avalanche control

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Thursday morning update

January 18, 2018

Chip took the above photo of the “SkierBob extended family” on the Pipestone trails yesterday.  Update 9:50 a.m from Adam in Peter Lougheed Prov Park:

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Canmore Nordic Centre

January 17, 2018
Thumbnail image for Canmore Nordic Centre

Update Thurs Jan 18 at 10 a.m from CNC: All Ski trails have ice from last nights freezing rain. Please use caution on Natural snow Trails

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“It was like a family reunion”

January 17, 2018
Thumbnail image for “It was like a family reunion”

Unfortunately I wasn’t there to join the fun, but I’m glad to see so many of our “regulars” were enjoying the day on great conditions at Pipestone. Chuck skied every trail

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Bow River loop at Lake Louise

January 16, 2018
Thumbnail image for Bow River loop at Lake Louise

If you’re looking for a scenic, easy, dog-friendly trail, check out the  Bow River loop at Lake Louise. I had a wonderful ski there with Tessa yesterday afternoon.

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Monday night update

January 15, 2018

Volunteers are required at Confederation golf course for snow harvesting which involves shoveling snow onto trails Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm(1 to 2 hour commitment). Register here ****** Reading Captions Trip reporter Chuck usually tells the story of his ski trips with photos

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Soul-mending rhythm of XC skiing

January 14, 2018
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Too bad my friend Chip, who coined the above phrase, went to Mexico for the month of January. He is not only having to endure hot weather, but he’s missing

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West Bragg Creek Jan 13

January 14, 2018
Thumbnail image for West Bragg Creek Jan 13

Thanks to Alf Skrastins for the report and photos: “Here are some photos to go with all the other posts about the great conditions at West Bragg Creek on Saturday. 

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Goat Creek and Spray River

January 13, 2018
Thumbnail image for Goat Creek and Spray River

I don’t know about you, but I eagerly anticipate reading all the trip reports every day. Chuck did the epic ski to the elk trap today. Not sure how many Ks he did

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Snowshoers wanted to pack trail in Yoho

January 13, 2018

This request came in today from the Kicking Horse Ski Club: “We are finally getting into some really good snow–next on the agenda is the Monarch trail to link up Field and the Tak Falls

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Healy and Brewster Creeks

January 12, 2018
Thumbnail image for Healy and Brewster Creeks

This should be one of the best weekends of skiing this winter with the new snow, new tracksetting, nice weather, and lots of choices.

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West Bragg Creek Jan 12 update

January 12, 2018

Groomer Jeff submitted the following report: “Hello all,  Temperatures are going to be moderating just in time for the weekend and ski conditions are fantastic!

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Mt Shark: Perfect conditions and dog-friendly

January 11, 2018
Thumbnail image for Mt Shark: Perfect conditions and dog-friendly

I searched for a warm place to ski with Tessa today, but where would that be? Most temperatures were hovering around -25°C with one exception.

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Groomer’s truck stolen at West Bragg Creek

January 11, 2018

Hi Bob Groomer Bill here! Myself, Groomer Jeff and Groomer Dave were out grooming Telephone Loop yesterday afternoon. It was -20C and beautiful.

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Wednesday night update

January 10, 2018

Update Thurs Jan 11 @ 8:55 a.m:  It’s -29 in Canmore this morning and I see the sun’s glow on Grotto mountain across the valley. The entire Mt Shark trail system was groomed and trackset last night. Apparently this area didn’t receive

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Goat Creek and Spray River

January 9, 2018
Thumbnail image for Goat Creek and Spray River

The weather forecast was correct: “Snow beginning in the afternoon.” To be precise it started at 12:15 pm as I reached the Spray bridge at 9K.

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From the archives: Amazing backcountry photos

January 8, 2018

With all the discussion happening about backcountry gear, I thought it would be a good time to post these photos of one of Steve Riggs’ backcountry adventures. Back when Steve sent

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